June 6th, 2011

Phoenix to get a NEW BIKEPARK!!!

I'm stoked to announce that the City of Phoenix has decided to build its first public bikepark!  The bikepark will be concrete and will be located at 67th Avenue and Encanto Blvd at Desert West Park, just across the parking lot from Arizona's first public concrete skatepark. 

Phoenix has four skateparks already, none of which allow bicycles.  Back in August of 2010, the Rob Dyrdek/DC Shoes Skate Plaza Foundation announced  they would be making a donation of $50,000 and in-kind ramps to Phoenix for the construction of a fifth skatepark.  A stipulation in the foundation's contract with the city stated that bicycles were not to be allowed in the new skatepark under any circumstances, or Phoenix would not get their money.   

Although the 3BC made efforts to get bikes allowed in Phoenix skateparks starting in early 2004,  the city council completely blew us off.  Advocacy for equitable treatment for Phoenix bmx riders tapered off due to lack of rider support.

Starting in September of 2010, however, an effort was re-kindled to pressure Phoenix to allow bikes in the planned Dyrdek skatepark.  This culminated in The Great DC Shoe Burn, in which 65-75 bmx riders gathered at the site of the planned skatepark to burn shoes, banners and clothing made by DC Shoes.   The burn was held in protest of DC's support of the Rob Dyrdek/DC Shoes Skate Plaza Foundation's unconscionable stance against kids who ride bikes in skateparks built partially with funds donated by the foundation, but mostly funded by taxpayer dollars.

Click above for DC Shoe Burn story

 In addition to holding The Great DC Shoe Burn, The 3BC also attended a Phoenix Parks and Recreation Board meeting, a Phoenix City Council meeting, and met with Phoenix City Councilman Nowakowski. 

 Special thanks go to Josh Small, who stepped up as a Phoenix bmx-riding resident and helped lead the effort.  Special thanks also go to Heidi Lemmon for coming all the way from California to help with The Great DC Shoe Burn, securing a large donation of replacement shoes from Adio, and for attending a Phoenix City Council meeting.  Special thanks also go to Adio and Kore Bicycles, the sponsors of The Great DC Shoe Burn.  They supported the cause of the Phoenix bmx riders when many bmx companies, even "hardcore" ones, wouldn't.  Thanks also go out to all the bmx riders, parents and supporters who attended The Great DC Shoe Burn.  Without their efforts, Phoenix wouldn't be getting a new bikepark.


              Sexxxy Santy Josh                                                                                                  Heidi Lemmon   


What up, kids?!

                      KORE BICYCLES


The 3BC recently met with Phoenix Parks and Recreation officials at Desert West Park.  We recommended that the city use Wally Hollyday's skatepark design and build company to both design and build the new bikepark, due to their experience in designing and building amazing concrete skateparks with no bias against bike riders, unlike most of the skatepark designers and builders in the U.S.

 The skatepark is generally planned to contain mostly street elements, but community input meetings will be held in which Phoenix bmx riders can give their input on what they'd like to see in the new bikepark. 


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The Bike, Blade and Board Coalition

The Bike, Blade and Board Coalition

Dates for the community input meetings and updates on the progress of Phoenix's first bikepark will be posted on here and on The 3BC's Facebook page.

Of course.


March 1st, 2011

A Phoenix Citizen's Boycott Letter to the Rob Dyrdek Foundation

                                                                                                                                                                                                                  photo by Jason Ryan

I recently was cc'd on an e-mail from a Phoenix citizen regarding the building of Phoenix's 5th skatepark. Back in August, 2010, the Rob Dyrdek Skate Plaza Foundation donated $50,000 plus about $10,000 worth of ramps towards a skate plaza-style skatepark that will be built in downtown Phoenix. As a condition for Phoenix to get the money, the contract the foundation made with the city states that bikes must be banned from riding the skatepark.

Here's the e-mail, which Dave also sent directly to the Rob Dyrdek Skate Plaza Foundation:


I just read an article about the Rob Dyrdek Skate Plaza Foundation's donation of $50,000 to Phoenix for a skate plaza. I think this is wonderful. What I don't think is wonderful is Mr. Dyrdek or those in his foundation insisting Phoenix not allow bikes in order to get the money.

I think it is shameful that someone involved in a sport that has suffered great discrimination is now doing the same thing to another sport. I rode bmx in the 80's and skaters and bikers both rode the same backyard halfpipes, same skateparks (Thrasherland and Tower Skatepark), same
stairs, etc.... Now Mr. Dyrdek claims the obstacles are too different.

Apples to oranges?

Shame on you!

Anyone who really has first hand knowledge of riding or skateboarding knows that they can coexist without problems. Middle aged politicians are easily convinced to the contrary. Skateparks have had co-mingled use of bmx riders and skateboarders since the mid-1970's.

Once again, a $50,000 contribution to the community is a wonderful thing. With all the good this money does for the community, it is too bad that this money was also used as political leverage to push a person or group's personal views. I am not naive. I fully understand that this was business and politics at work. I am saddened that the sports I loved as a kid and kept me out of trouble, are now fully engaging in these practices.

Hmmmm. I wonder how this discrimination benefits Mr. Dyrdek?

In closing, I want it to be perfectly clear that neither of my sons will wear or use any of Mr. Dyrdek's products or those of his sponsors due to his discriminatory practices against kids who ride bmx bikes.

Dave Schmitt


I urge riders, parents and supporters everywhere to write a similar e-mail to the foundation. You don't have to be from Phoenix.  Believe me, this bullshit will happen in your city next.  Please send your e-mail to the Executive Director of the Rob Dyrdek Skate Plaza Foundation, Paul Vizcaino. His e-mail is

Also send it to the foundation's general e-mail address:

This foundation needs to know that bike riders aren't going to take their bigotry lying down. The more we boycott them and their sponsors, the more seriously they'll reconsider their discriminatory actions.

Also, send your letter to the Arizona Republic's downtown Phoenix reporter Connie Sexton at  She's been reporting on our fight for bicycle access to the new skatepark, and is working on a big article about it.

We just had a meeting with Phoenix City Councilman Nowakowski. Send your letter to him as well at

Dont even underestimate the power of your one e-mail. I guarantee Dave's e-mail got the foundation thinking. Imagine if they got 1000 of these.  Thanks for the support!


December 26, 2010

Article on The Great DC Shoe Burn posted in Articles section

Click on it to go to it.

The 3BC going to Phoenix City Council on January 5th


ESPN video covering The Great DC Shoe Burn

Bink Seavey shot The Great DC Shoe Burn, edited it together and got it to ESPN's action sports website.  Take a gander at it by going to

Also, comment on the video.  If you were there, let people know how good it went!  It's easy to register to post on the articles, especially if you register through Facebook.


December 5, 2010

BMX Industry response to The Great DC Shoe Burn

After hitting up multiple companies to help sponsor our event, I found that the BMX industry's general response to The Great DC Shoe Burn is not at all what it should be.  Even companies with a hardcore image will not sponsor our event because it isn't "politically correct" within the action sports industry.  Now we'll get along just fine without extra product to throw out to attendees, because that's not what this is about anyways.  But the lack of moral support through sponsorship from BMX manufacturers is disappointing and very short-sighted on their parts.

Here are the facts: 

1)  Every BMX company makes a product that is mostly illegal to ride in every city and town across America (the only places that are actually legal to ride freestyle BMX are public and private bike-friendly skateparks and bikeparks, and obstacles created on private citizens' land  for freestyle BMX riding by landowners or with express permission of the landowners.) 

2) Every BMX manufacturer makes a product that is completely illegal to ride in Phoenix, except in a few private citizens' backyards that contain obstacles like dirt jumps or ramps, and at a small church-owned skatepark in a warehouse in north Phoenix.

3)DC has sponsored BMX riders and events.  This is true.  But that does not make them supportive of BMX in the big picture.  Every nickel they've spent in BMX has been for their own marketing purposes.  Marketing to BMX riders expands their demographic so they sell more of their shit to BMX riders.  DC Shoes doesn't deserve a cookie for sponsoring an event and plastering their name on multiple banners, flyers and promotional materials.  It's just a marketing scheme to sell product.  It's not good....  It's not bad....  It's just business.  So on the grand "good for BMX, bad for BMX scale", they start at completely even

Now when DC Shoes majorly sponsors a foundation that unabashedly demands that Phoenix ban kids who ride BMX bikes from "their" skatepark, that is anti-BMX!   This move gives them a shitload of points on the "bad for BMX" side of the scale.  They are not supporting BMX.  They are HURTING BMX in a major way!

It's a shame that our BMX manufacturers, our rider-owned companies, cannot see the forest for the trees on this issue.  How many skate plazas that ban bikes have to get built before BMX manufacturers wake up and say, "Hey, this is completely effed!?"  And don't think it stops there.  I've dealt with parks and rec departments and city leadership long enough to know that the more anti-bike skateparks there are, the more likely the next skatpark in that city and even in that region won't allow bikes.  Parks and rec beaurocrats play follow the leader.  That's their specialty.  If something seems to be working in a neighboring city, they'll copy that same model for their city.  It's way too much risk for them to try something new.  God forbid they actually research the issue and think it through!  Oh sweet Jesus forbid!

All this having been said, I did get an encouraging note from a pro rider that rides for one of the companies I hit up to throw down product for The Great DC Shoe Burn.  He and other sponsored riders read Brian Tunney's article on ESPN's action sports site.  and gave their opinions.  Here's what my contact at the company wrote me afterwards:



I had multiple discussions with our team and my friends who I ride with about this. I think this response sums up our/my feelings about the event. keep up the fight.

And here is the pro's statement on the issue:


"Hmm. This is a tough call. 


On one hand, DC has a point, they are a small portion of the funding and Dyrdek is a skateboarder. And, burning a product can also burn bridges and make people angry.


On the flip side. he says that they are focusing on skateboarding and bike riders should focus on bmx, BUT, they then wash their hands of it. Saying basically, we sponsor bmxers to make money and sell product, BUT, they will not advocate for us or help us. And the parks are 'not designed' for us argument is some bullshit. its concrete. build it right. don't be selfish and hoard the spot for themselves. It's frustrating that DC is helping to perpetuate the division between our sports through their INACTION...


Finally, though the shoe burning is a bit wild, offensive, and possibly aimed at only a small part of the problem, it is possibly the best thing to do. People will HAVE to see this and react and other avenues have been exhausted so choose any way possible. Public awareness, publicity, and strong emotions all help change come about. (however, I would NOT put our name on this!)


Finally, this is why I said that a 'bike only' park was dumb: it perpetuates the idea that we are different and that we don't belong together. all the bike riders were like 'sweet, fuck skateboarders.' but in reality it just made skateboarders win. it just proves that no bikes allowed actually is relevant and should continue...


end rant.

So that's pretty cool.  But BMX companies really have nothing to lose by siding with us grassroots BMX activists against DC Shoes and any other organization that is against bikes in skateparks.  BMX companies only stand to gain.  The more skateparks that allow bikes, the more kids will get into riding, and the more product they'll sell.   It's such a goddamned no-brainer and BMX manufacturers aren't paying attention.


SPAUSA at The Great DC Shoe Burn

  Heidi Lemmon from SPAUSA will be coming out from LA on December 11, bringing all the Adio Shoes with her.  She's going to bring another treat as well--a few skaters that have beef with the Rob Dyrdek/DC Shoes Skate Plaza Foundation.  It turns out that the foundation kicked down some money for a skate plaza in LA that these guys had lobbied for for 10 years, and Dyrdek used his own crappy design.  Not a single community input meeting was held for the skaters and the park is mickey mouse.

I didn't know how much skater support we'd get at this particular event, but I am very gratified that these guys will form an alliance with us against the Rob Dyrdek/DC Shoes Skate Plaza Foundation's bullshit tactics. The 3BC has experienced a good amount of skater support in the past, one of the key instances being at our Tempe Skatepark protest in February of 2005. I passed out all 75 full sheet stickers that read "Another Skater That Supports Bike Riders" to mostly skaters, who plastered them on their shirts and boards. My thoughts, photos and an East Valley Tribune article on that protest can be found on this site at  Any skaters from Phoenix are invited to come down and support the big burn as well.  If The Rob Dyrdek/DC Shoes Skate Plaza Foundation didn't allow any community input meetings at the LA skatepark, why would they do it here?  Skaters might easily be stuck with a shitty little park with a crappy design here, too.

The Rob Dyrdek/DC Shoes Skate Plaza Foundation is not helping skaters, bike riders or inline skaters with their shady deals. They are coming into communities, many times after much groundwork has already been done by grassroots advocacy groups, and manipulating cities into building a park their way, with no community input. They are promoting segregation and hate to kids through their bigotry towards BMX bike riders. Their contract they make with cities demands the cities hire California Skateparks to design and build their street plaza skateparks. If not unlawful, this is unquestionably immoral, unfair and un-American. The Arizona state constitution says that any municipal project must be put out to public bid, and the lowest bidder meeting the RFQ (Request for Qualifications) automatically gets the contract.


Map to Deck Park

Just in case you don't know where in Phoenix Deck Park is located, here's a map.  If you don't know where the I-10, McDowell Road, and Central Ave. are located, then God help ye!


You haven't seen this flyer enough


November 21, 2010

New sponsors for The Great DC Shoe Burn

 Many thanks go out to Heidi Lemmon from SPAUSA for facilitating this one.  Yaíll ready for this?!  Adio has decided to help support our event by kicking down 200 pairs of Adio shoes to give away at The Great DC Shoe Burn!!!  So while supplies last, we will be giving everyone who brings DC Shoes or DC clothing to burn at the protest a free pair of Adio shoes!  You donít need that ratty ass DC shit anyway, dooya?  Weíll have stuff from Kore Bicycles, Ice Cold Zine and Psychicflyingmonkey Productions to give out as well.  



Phoenixís Ludicrous Offer 

On October 12, Phoenix riders met with Phoenix Parks and Rec officials to discuss bikes in the planned downtown skatepark.  They told us they werenít going to ever allow bikes in this skatepark, but they said that if Phoenix riders raised 50 Gís, they would build a bike-only park.  Now have skateboarders raised 50 grand for each one of the 4 Phoenix skateparks?  Of course they havenít.  Skaters (WITH the help of bmx riders) raised around 30 grand to get the first Phoenix skatepark built at Desert West Park.  No money was raised by skaters to fund Paradise Valley Skatepark, the Ahwatukee Skatepark, or the pre-fab skatepark in South Phoenix.   

Phoenix officials have known of the need for a legal place for Phoenix kids to ride their bikes for 12 years, and they have done NOTHING ABOUT IT!  They want US to raise 50 grand!  Bump that!  We donít owe them shit!  Theyíre the ones behind the times!  While many other Valley and Arizona cities and towns have met the great demand to provide legal places for kids to ride their bmx bikes, Phoenix has pathetically languished behind.  Itís amazing that in this economy, theyíre willing to pay $400,000 for a skatepark, and another $400,000 for a bike park.  Itís stupid, wasteful and unnecessary, and The 3BC is having none of it. 

And I know there will be some haters out there that will whine, ďWhy donít YOU raise the money, Old School?Ē  To them I say itís because Iím not the big fundraiser type, and The 3BC only wants to put our effort behind BMX/skateparks, grindparks, action sports parks, and X-Courts that allow ALL reasonable users.  Thatís not to say you bitches canít raise the money yourselves.  You know what?  Knock yourselves out.  Just donít bitch at me when you arenít doing a goddamn thing yourselves. 

So stay tuned to this website, make the News, Fool! your homepage, whatever you gotsta do, cause we will be getting up in city council soon  after the DC protest to tell the mayor and city councilmen whatís up.  This time we'll need lots of heads, to prove there really is a huge need for a bike-friendly park in Phoenix.


The Great DC Shoe Burn article on ESPN's BMX site

Brian Tunney wrote an article about The Great DC Shoe Burn that appeared on ESPN's bmx section of its action sports website on November 9.  It was exceptionally shoddy reporting, and I told him so in an e-mail soon afterwards.  Check the article at

Here's the unedited e-mail I wrote back to Tunney with my thoughts on his article:


Hi Brian,

I've got some feedback on your article.

I wish you had given me more time to e-mail you back my comments.  I was
out riding Chandler Bike Park when your message came in, and didn't have
time to e-mail you back until I had finished riding, completed a tech
scout for a job I'm shooting and run a couple errands.  When I'm
interviewed by reporters from Arizona's biggest newspaper, The Arizona
Republic, they'll give me at least a day to get back to them.

I and most bmx riders that aren't "in the industry" or have some kind of
sponsorship conflict of interest have an enormous problem with this
statement by Geoffrey Taylor:
"Secondly, we're in the business of funding and in some cases building
skateparks, which is a completely different animal than building a BMX
facility, in terms of design. If you take a BMX bike onto a skateboarding
facility, it can be very destructive. And that is a concern when we're
talking about the amount of time and money we're putting into these
facilities," he added.

You made a very quick weak rebuttal to this, but this deserves more
in-depth exploration.  Skateboard companies, skatepark designers and
builders have stuck to this bold-faced lie for as long as I've been
advocating for bikes in skateparks.  It disintegrates under scrutiny. 
Might I suggest this would make an excellent series of articles for ESPN

You said we're doing the protest instead of appealing the decision to the
City of Phoenix.  I never said that.  We will absolutely be going to more
city council meetings and putting pressure on city officials.  Phoenix is
just as much at fault as DC Shoes is.  They're going along with the
bigotry of the foundation, and doing nothing to stand up against it.  This
burning is just a part of our strategy in dealing with this problem.

Check this paragraph, "Since the late '90s, DC has sponsored a number of
respectable BMX pros, including the current roster of Dave Mirra, Edwin De
La Rosa, Chris Doyle, Corey Bohan, Daniel Dhers and Allan Cooke, all of
whom do not advocate shoe burning in any form."  Did you interview all six
of these riders?  Or is this some blanket statement from a DC team
manager?  I as an astute reader would want to hear directly what these
riders had to say about this.  Not that I expect anything different,
because they are getting money from DC, but it's just good journalism. 
Direct rider quotes would be good.  Direct rider quotes from downtown
Phoenix bmx riders would be really good as well.

The last statement in your article is misleading to your readership.
A little background info on Chandler Bike Park-- Pat Blackburn (a Chandler
resident and bmx coach) and I fought hard during the development stage to
get what is now the Chandler Bike Park to allow bmx riders, skaters and
inline skaters.  Actually, we originally just wanted bmx access to the
Chandler Skate Park.  The city insisted that the new park allow only
bikes, which perpetuates segregation, which the 3BC is wholly against. 
The good thing, though, is that Chandler has provided for the needs of bmx
riders, skateboarders and rollerbladers by having two parks.  Phoenix has
only provided for the needs of skateboarders and rollerbladers fourfold
already.  They have no plans to build a bike park.

I haven't had to get on a reporter this hard since Sara Bisker from The
West Valley View did a shoddy article about our battle with Goodyear.  It
affected us badly, and we have one less awesome park to ride as a result. 
I'm not asking you to be biased towards The 3BC.  I just want to you
exercise due diligence in your reporting.  This isn't like an article on
the latest Dew Tour.  If this park doesn't allow bikes, kids will be
ticketed, arrested, incarcerated, and get criminal records for practicing
what we both know is a positive and healthy activity.


Jason Ryan
The 3BC

Spreading the word of the protest on Facebook

As part of our strategy to get the word out about The Great DC Shoe Burn, we're asking that you rock the DC Shoe Burn poster as your profile picture on Facebook for at least a week before the event.  And if you haven't "liked" The 3BC fan page yet, you'd best get on it, son!


Jason Ryan likes

The Bike, Blade and Board Coalition The Bike, Blade and Board Coalition

November 8, 2010

It's the Great DC Shoe Burn, Charlie Brown!

We have confirmed, straight from the marketing director of the Rob Dyrdek/DC Shoes Skate Plaza Foundation, that the contract they are making with the city of Phoenix states that the city must ban kids who ride bikes in what will be Phoenix's 5th skatepark, to be built at Deck Park.  This is complete bigotry and bullshit, so I am proud to announce:



We are seeking more sponsors for the event, so e-mail me at jason at to help Phoenix bmx riders in their fight.


October 6, 2010

Meeting with Phoenix Parks and Recreation

 An official from Phoenix Parks and Recreation called me with a meeting time and place to talk about the next step in making a BMX-friendly park in Phoenix.  It will be held at the Burton Barr Central Library right next to Deck Park.  The library is located on the east side of Central Avenue, just south of McDowell Road.  The meeting will be held on Tuesday, October 12 from 6pm to 7pm  in Meeting Room A.  We don't need a lot of riders at the meeting.  If the guys that came to the Parks and Rec Board meeting all come to this, we should be good.  If you are a Phoenix rider that lives in the downtown area, however, you should come to this meeting as this will affect you quite a bit.


SEPTEMBER 28, 2010

Phoenix Parks and Rec Board Meeting Outcome

I thought I'd never take a photo of Josh Small in downtown Phoenix that looked anything like this...

 So five other bike riders and myself spoke to the Phoenix Parks and Recreation Board last Thursday, September 23rd.  Even though we spoke on an agenda item, and the board members could ask us questions if they wanted to, none of them had anything to say to us.  The skate plaza-style park will be built in Deck Park, and as of now it is not planned to allow bikes.  As if it isn't bad enough that Phoenix is building it's fifth skatepark that discriminates against bike riders, now they're coming into one of our spots and plopping the park there.  What a shot to the face!  It's just like what Scottsdale did with the Wedge.  Everybody used to skate and ride there together, then the city comes along and splits everybody up with their goddamn anti-bike park!  Phoenix also has plans to build yet another skatepark out West, too.  I'm sure that one's planned not to allow bikes as well.  We've got a lot of work to do.

After we spoke, Deputy Director of Phoenix Parks and Recreation Karen Williams met with us in the lobby of the council chambers while the meeting was still going on, and the reporters from the Downtown Devil and the Arizona Republic sat in.  She said that the contract Phoenix had with the Rob Dyrdek/DC Shoes Skate Plaza Foundation stipulated that bikes could not be allowed in the park for the city to receive the $50,000 donation.  She said that the city did have money for a separate bike park and she told us she would meet with us to make it happen.  Hopefully she follows through with this.  Phoenix has already blown us off for 6.5 years.  Our plan is to work on a bike park in Phoenix, but also to fight for access to the skate plaza park.  The park hasn't even been designed yet, and there is no excuse for the city not to allow bikes, no matter what that goddamn contract says.  Shreveport, LA has a skate plaza built with funds from the Rob Dyrdek/DC Shoes Skate Plaza Foundation, and it allows bikes, so this one can too.

And that thing about Dyrdek/DC's Foundation not wanting bikes in their skatepark is completely effed.  I've already sent the foundation an e-mail to confirm this bigotry, and they've not gotten back to me.  This is a big deal, and you KNOW I'm going to let everyone know about this shit...

BMX riders outside of Phoenix City Council Chambers, fresh off the podium.

Here are the links to the Downtown Devil and AZ Republic articles about the meeting:


If you want bikes allowed in this new skatepark at Deck Park, e-mail Deputy Director of Phoenix Parks and Recreation Karen Williams at and tell her what you think!



SEPTEMBER 15, 2010

Phoenix Parks and Rec Board Meeting About New Downtown Skatepark

 This new downtown skatepark came up so quick that I thought maybe I had been sleeping on it.  So today I talked to Chris Ewell, a City of Phoenix Landscape Architect who is in charge of developing the new skatepark, and he revealed it had, in fact, come up very quickly.  All this came about when Rob Dyrdek made his donation of $50,000 towards a street plaza style skatepark, kinda out of nowhere just a few weeks ago.  Amazingly, after we've gotten 6 bike-friendly skateparks in the Valley, Chris told me bikes would probably NOT be allowed in the new skatepark.  "Why?" I asked.   He said that the park probably wouldn't be designed strong enough to handle bikes.  WHAT!!!  PROBABLY WON'T BE STRONG ENOUGH!!!  THEY HAVEN'T EVEN DESIGNED THE GODDAMN THING, AND THEY SAY IT PROBABLY WON'T BE STRONG ENOUGH FOR BIKES!!!  INCREDIBLE!!!  If that doesn't tell you how much these discriminating skatepark designers have these city officials wrapped around their bony prejudiced fingers, what will?  By the way, Phoenix has already been talking with California Skateparks about designing and building this skatepark, and we know their history.  

LISTEN:  I know this is sudden and it kinda sucks, but WE HAVE TO ACT QUICKLY.  I love how a lot of skaters always say, "Oh, you guys weren't there, you didn't go to the meetings, you didn't raise money, blah, blah, bliggety blah."  To this I say BULLSHIT!  Skatepark designers and prejudiced skaters get the word out about skatepark planning meetings to skaters, while doing everything in their power to make sure bike riders don't hear about them.  Skatepark designers consistently lie to city officials about how bike riders can't work in their skateparks.  It's a rigged game, and we need to make extra efforts to set things right.  This time, we are coming in plenty early, so those naysayers can't say "boo".

On Thursday of next week, September 23rd, the Phoenix Parks and Recreation Board will be meeting to decide on a location for the new street plaza style skatepark they will be building in the very near future.  WE NEED ALL PHOENIX BIKE RIDERS, PARENTS AND SUPPORTERS TO COME OUT TO THIS MEETING TO TELL THE BOARD TO QUIT DISCRIMINATING AGAINST KIDS WHO RIDE BIKES!  WE NEED TO DEMAND THAT BIKES BE ALLOWED IN WHAT WILL BE PHOENIX'S FIFTH SKATEPARK!!!  The meeting will be held at Phoenix City Council Chambers, located at 200 West Jefferson Street in that weird round building.  The meeting begins at 5pm, but get there at 4:45 to sign up to speak when the board talks about the skatepark.  In the meanwhile, go ahead and e-mail Chris Ewell at to DEMAND THAT BIKES BE ALLOWED IN THIS NEW PARK!    This time, we finally do have the jump on getting in a Phoenix skatepark, and we've got to take advantage of it. 

Westside and central Valley bike riders only have ONE legal place to ride--The Glendale X-Court.  Let's get another one.

Below are links to a few more articles I found about the skatepark.  You can post your opinion on all of these articles, so take a couple minutes to register and do it!  Lord knows the skaters are posting, so bike riders need to post as well.  Each post helps a ton, because it shows how many riders need legal places to ride.


AUGUST 31st, 2010

Arizona Republic Article about Phoenix's 5th Skatepark

Site Design Group Projects

Yup, Phoenix is planning their 5th skatepark, and just got a donation of 50 G's from Rob Dyrdek to help fund it.  The above pic gives an idea of what it will be like (The above mock-up is of the DC Skate Plaza in Kettering, Ohio, designed with input from Dyrdek.)  The article makes no mention, however, if bikes are going to be allowed in the street plaza-style skatepark.  Since none of Phoenix's 4 skateparks allow bikes, and Phoenix officials have been loth to let bikes in or build a new bike park, I'm gonna go way out on a limb and guess they don't plan to allow bikes in this one, either.

Here's the link to the article:

If you're a rider that resides in Phoenix, e-mail me through this site to get in on our strategy to get this skatepark to allow bikes.  If enough Phoenix riders will get off their collective asses, we'll get into this park.  Trust me, there's a good reason why none of Phoenix's skateparks allow bikes, and it is that Phoenix riders have been lazy pieces of shit.  One thing Phoenix riders can do right away is call the article's author, Emily Gersema, at 602-444-8262 to let her know that Phoenix bike riders want in that skatepark, and she needs to include that angle in her next article about it.


Phoenix update-December 12th, 2008

Hereís an article that came out a few months ago and is still burning on ABC-15ís website:

Ahwatukee boys try to get bike park built

Reported by: Lori Jane Gliha
Last Update: 9/12 2:43 pm

A pair of Ahwatukee eighth graders are trying to gather petition signatures in an effort to build a new BMX bike park in their neighborhood.
Tommy Kowalski and Tyler Heurtz told ABC15 they're tired of traveling to Chandler to find a decent place to ride their bikes and practice their BMX maneuvers.
The boys said they often get kicked off of the property when they practice their bike skills in grocery store parking lots and other similar areas.
The two gathered more than a hundred signatures on a petition, and they plan to present their park-building idea to a parks board at a 6:00 p.m. community meeting Wednesday.


The Arizona Republic also did an article with these kids: 

Iím psyched that such young kids are getting involved in politics to fight for what they believe in.  Theyíre doing it on their own, too.  They have never contacted me or anyone from The 3BC, and I have no idea if they even know the history of our fight for legal places to ride in Ahwatukee, the Valley and throughout Arizona.  What I do know is that these kids believe Phoenix can do better than a skatepark that discriminates against kids who ride bikes.  Chandler, Glendale, Tempe, Mesa and Fountain Hills have proven this theory very successfully in the Valley, and itís high time that Phoenix stops discriminating as well.  A major thing I learned in our bikes in skateparks movement was never to do anything without talking to the press.  Big props to Tyler and Tommy for obtaining such great media coverage. 

One favor I ask of everybody, though.  Donít tell KC Badger about what these kids are doing, because then he'd probably try to sabotage their efforts the same way he sabotaged The 3BCís efforts.  And donít bother telling Ryan Fudger about it either, because he wonít cover it.  But heíll sure as shit be out there when they do get a new park or access to Pecos Park.  Ryan has absolutely NO PROBLEM with shooting photos and making his magazine money off the labor of others, he just wonít support people getting legal places to ride a product that is pretty much outlawed in most places. 

Sign the petition that Tyler and Tommy have online at:

I signed it a few weeks ago, and hereís the comment I left:

Phoenix City Councilman Greg Stanton has known about this issue since 2003, when he attended the grand opening of the Pecos Skatepark, at which BMX bike riders were protesting. When members of The Bike, Blade and Board Coalition (3BC) approached Phoenix City Council a few months later asking Phoenix to provide a legal place for BMX bike riders, Stanton told Mayor Gordon that he would work on a solution with the 3BC. Since then, he has NEVER returned any phone calls and has NEVER worked on any solution for bike riders. You kids need to start a petition to recall Greg Stanton from public office for his great failure to meet the needs of children who desperately need positive activities and outlets. Now THAT petition will get his attention! Learn more on this situation at:


Phoenix update-April 4, 2006

As if it wasn't bad enough that Councilman Greg Stanton totally blew off working on providing a place for BMX bike riders to ride in Phoenix, now a policeman is on duty at Paradise Valley Skatepark every day, all day.  This wasn't something that parks and rec came up with, either, and it's not funded through them.  This came from Councilwoman Peggy Neely, and this is regular city money that's paying from $40,000 to $50,000 a year for a cop to babysit the skatepark.  What an incredible use of taxpayer money.


Phoenix update-September 2, 2004

You know how I told you in the last update that Councilman Stanton had volunteered to investigate the issue of a public place for BMX bike riders to go?  As far as we can tell, he has simply blown us off.  Our Phoenix 3BC Captain Matt Pinegar and 3BC Founder Rex Golos have tried contacting him numerous times, but have been repeatedly told by his aide that the Councilman would get back to them.  He still hasn't gotten back to them, and it's been seven months.


Phoenix update-February 12, 2004

So you wanna know how the 3BC's appearance in front of the Phoenix City Council went yesterday?  Well I'm glad you asked.  As we expected, nobody was able to make it out but Rex, Matt Pinegar (the 3BC Captain for Phoenix), one other rider and myself.  That's okay, though, because we brought 51 letters to the mayor from Phoenix citizens who are bmx riders, skateboarders,  inline skaters, and supporters of our cause.  All the letters expressed how something needed to be done for bike riders in Phoenix, whether it be to allow us into the existing skateparks or build new bikeparks or grindparks.  After Rex and I spoke, Mayor Gordon told us that Councilman Stanton volunteered to follow up on the issue himself.  It sounds like he will call some kind of meeting, so I'll keep you updated on that.


Phoenix update-February 4, 2004



Phoenix update-January 21, 2004

The 3BC will be going to Phoenix City Council on Tuesday, February 10th, 2004 to speak during the time allotted for citizen comment.  The meeting will start at 2 PM at the
City Council Chambers, located at 200 W. Jefferson St. in Phoenix.  Once again, we need as many riders, parents, and supporters to come out and show your support to make a big impact on the council.  If you wish to speak, show up at 1:45 PM to sign up to speak.  Now I am well aware that most of you have school or work at 2 PM in the afternoon.  I do too.  But I'm taking the afternoon off to attend, as are others.  If at all possible, take the afternoon off to make it to this meeting.  This will mark the first time we have gone to Phoenix City Council, and have interacted with any Phoenix city officials ranking higher than park superintendent.  If you can't make it to the meeting, please at least e-mail the mayor and council members telling them you want access to the parks or a new grindpark.  Mayor Phil Gordon and the rest of the city council's e-mail addresses can be found on this page:   Also, please cc me with your e-mails to the council and I will print them out and present them during the meeting.

Phoenix update-July 27th, 2003

Well, it turns out Phoenix has just been yanking our crank and dicking around with us, so we need to go to the city council to get their attention.  I will let everyone know the date and time when we decide to go.  Just keep in mind it will be soon.  We're going to need tons of riders and supporters at this council meeting, because Phoenix is huge, and they won't listen to what only a few people have to say.  Remember that if we can get this bike ban lifted, that's three concrete parks for us right there.


Phoenix update-April 19th, 2003

Our meeting with Phoenix Parks and Rec went very well.  It turns out Phoenix has already identified one potential site for a temporary solution for bikes--an old tennis court that ramps can be set up on.  Phoenix had already spoken to a couple of ramp manufacturers about the cost, too.  We gave them the list of concrete bike-friendly parks, along with letters from Las Vegas P&R and Santa Monica P&R.  Rex and I will be meeting with them again within a month and a half, and the risk manager for Phoenix should be at this meeting.   We are expecting to see something for bikes within the next two to three months.


Phoenix update-April 7th, 2003

I've got some great news about the effects the MB Jam/Protests have been having on the City of Phoenix.  Mark Englehardt, Park Director of Desert West Skatepark, called Rex two days after the PV jam/protest.  He said that the Park Director of PV Skatepark, the Park Director of what will soon be the Pecos Skatepark, and himself wanted to meet with Rex, Mark Leone (a skate/bike park designer) and myself to discuss what Phoenix can do for BMX bike riders.  We will meet on April 16th and I sincerely hope I will be giving you a good report on here of a good outcome.


The Phoenix Situation

As most of you already know, Phoenix has two skateparks, and they don't allow bikes--Desert West Skatepark and Paradise Valley Skatepark.  What you may not know is that yet another bike-unfriendly park will be opened in the Ahwahtukee area of Phoenix in the fall--Pecos Park. 

At the MB Jam/Protest at PV Skatepark on March 23rd, 2003, we collected 14 letters to Mayor Skip Rimsza from Phoenix residents telling him about our needs.  We added that to the 17 we got in one day at Desert West Skatepark, bringing us to a total of 31 letters.  We still need a total of about 75 letters, though, because Phoenix is a big city and the mayor needs to see that a significant number of citizens want something for bikes bad enough to write a letter about it.  We do have an in with the mayor's staff, so they will definitely get to him and not get "conveniently lost" in the shuffle.  Another bonus is that his kids just started riding BMX.

You can e-mail your letters to me at and I will print them out and we will get them to the mayor.  Or you can send them by mail to:  Jason Ryan, 7701 E. Osborn Rd. Apt. #255W, Scottsdale, AZ 85251