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By Jason Ryan

December 26th, 2012

Benefit Jam for Zuka (Jeremy Hacker) at X-Court

On Saturday, December 29th at 1 pm a benefit jam will be held for Zuka (Jeremy Hacker) at Glendale's X-Court, located just north of 83rd Ave. and Bethany Home Road.  Jeremy has leukemia and the money raised will go to help pay for his massive medical bills.  This thing has a shitload of sponsors and the list has just kept on growing.  Unfortunately I can't make it since I have a big shoot scheduled and production is slow in December, but I'd recommend you make it out there and donate what you can.  You're sure to hop in on a good session for a great cause and bound to walk away with some swag.

All money will go to Jeremy.  Donations can be made to through Paypal.  Wheels in Motion Foundation Athlete Recovery Fund at Bank of America locations is currently taking donations for Jeremy Hacker.  Find the jam's page on Facebook.


May 1st, 2012

The 3BC endorses Michael Monti for Mayor of Tempe

On May 15 there will be a run-off election between Michael Monti and Mark Mitchell for Mayor of Tempe.  Mark Mitchell was a councilman the whole time that we were pushing for access to the Tempe skatepark at the Tempe Sports Complex in south Tempe, and he always sided with Barb Carter against us.  Mitchell is a career politician that doesn't care about kids or what's best for Tempe. 

On the other hand, I met with Michael Monti recently and he is committed to providing quality public recreation areas for Tempe citizens.  He knows that a healthy lifestyle starts by being active as a kid.  Kids will take good exercise habits with them throughout the rest of their lives, which will keep them much healthier than people that don't exercise.  I believe Michael Monti will help us get a new BMX/Skatepark in Tempe, so the 3BC is proud to endorse Michael Monti for mayor of Tempe.

Find out more about Michael Monti on his website at

If you aren't registered to vote, it's too late now for this election, but if you are registered please vote for Monti on May 15th.  Another great thing he's committed to is building a swimming beach at Tempe Town Lake.  I doubt any self-respecting bmx rider could object to a buttload of ASU betties sunning themselves in their bikinis on any given balmy day.... 

Check this video wherein Monti explains his plan for a swimming beach at Tempe Town Lake:


March 1st, 2012

Thomas Hancock Memorial and Benefit Dirt Jam on March 10th in Scottsdale

Steve Garcia, Bob Fite, and a couple other people organized what is going to be a huge jam at Steve Garcia's legendarily huge dirt jumps in Scottsdale on March 10th.  Make sure to bring some cash to donate at the gate-- all proceeds will go to Thomas's wife and kids.  There are going to be bands, BBQ, and tons of prizes and raffles from the many sponsors- there are a lot more sponsors than they could fit on the flyer. 

So come ride and party down for Thomas next Saturday!
You know he wouldn't have had it any other way.....


January 20th, 2012

Thomas Hancock Memorial Service and Legacy Fund

The Memorial Service for Thomas Hancock will be held Saturday, Jan 21.
Viewing 5-7. Service 7-9
Evans-Brown Mortuary
27010 Encanto Dr. Sun City CA. 92585

The Hancock BMX site has set up a legacy fund, and all the proceeds will go to his family.


January 18th, 2012

Thomas Hancock's section from Impetus of Cletus released online


This is Thomas Hancock's section from my full-length BMX film, The Impetus of Cletus. To date I've only released one full section from the film online (Josh Small's), but I felt compelled to release Thomas's section after he passed away on January 14, 2012.

This is one of the very few bmx video sections ever made of Thomas. Although Thomas had a sick style that was perfectly suited to video, bmx filmmakers didn't seek him for their videos because he didn't "fit in" enough with the contemporary bmx style.

When I told him I wanted to give him a full section in my film, he was stoked at the opportunity. He had the most style in Arizona at the time by far, and I was stoked that he accepted. I was privileged to shoot Thomas pulling his first backflip tailwhip since breaking his arm on that same trick, and becoming the first rider to tailwhip the Las Vegas YMCA skatepark stair gap.

Thomas was heavily influenced by motocross and motorsports culture. He grew up around it. His friends and family were into motorsports. It's where he came from. When he made it in bmx freestyle, he didn't try to hide or deny who he was. He rocked the moto-style in his clothes and riding, and didn't try to change it to accommodate the masses of bmx hipsters.

Thomas once told me about the time on a Specialized tour that one of the other riders kept talking shit about his clothes, tattoos and piercings. Thomas warned him a couple times, but the guy kept running his mouth. When Thomas had enough, he hit the fool so hard he slept him. The rest of the tour the guy didn't say shiiiit. I really liked that about Thomas. He wasn't afraid to be himself, and he wouldn't take shit off some dooshbag.

Thomas had a great attitude, and was just a cool, nice kid. It had been a while since I saw him last, and I'm sorry I'll never get to ride or film with him again. My condolences go out to his family and friends.

Ride in peace, Thomas.


December 3rd, 2011

Vandalism at Chandler Bike Park

So when I rolled up to Chandler Bike Park last Sunday night, I saw some asshole had unbolted the top of one of the benches underneath the ramada and shoved it through the bars in the fence on top of a wedge to make a ghetto sub box.  I asked the other riders at the park who did it, but no one knew.  I even found out some dipshit had taken off the top of one of the picnic tables a couple weeks ago as well.

I can't express how fucking stupid this is.  The city of Chandler has had nothing but a great experience with the bike park and its users up until now.  I haven't heard anything from the city yet, but does anyone think they're alright with this?  We've got 22,000 square feet of goddamn park to ride, but for some self-entitled prick it's just not enough.  They've got to tear up our benches to make something else to ride.

If I find out who's vandalizing the Chandler Bike Park, and I probably will, I'm going to report them to the cops.  I didn't bust my ass to get this park to have some little bitches screw it up.  This is the kind of thing that will get the park early or temporary closings and I won't stand for it.


"Meet The Filmmaker" interviews the Psychicflyingmonkey

A show called "Meet the Filmmaker" on a new indie entertainment network,, just did a piece on me.  It features an interview and some of my riding at Reed Wheels Court in Mesa, and some clips from my short film "Solo".  These guys were stoked I was able to give them some eye candy instead of just a talking head in a studio, and I'm psyched 'cause it's gotten a cubic shitload of views! 

For the first time these guys have shot any kind of action sports, they did a great job.  They used a couple Canon 7d's and a GoPro Hero camera, and created a cool look in the color grade.  God, I'm proud of the 7d.  One of the best purchases I've ever made.

You can check the piece out on the Directors Live site at:

Or you can just watch it here: 

"Conform" music video by the Tommy Gibbons Project

The official music video for "Conform" by the Tommy Gibbons Project which I directed has been out for a few months now, and I embedded it in the news in the production side of this site, but never put it in the News, Fool!  It's got some flatland riding in it, so it's particularly of interest to bmx riders....unless you're one of those pricks that can't appreciate flatland, of course.  If you like it, give it some love in the YouTube comments and spread the word!



June 22nd, 2011

'Solo' to be screened at the Bicycle Film Festival in NYC on June 26


June 6th, 2011

Phoenix to get a NEW BIKEPARK!!!

I'm stoked to announce that the City of Phoenix has decided to build its first public bikepark!  The bikepark will be concrete and will be located at 67th Avenue and Encanto Blvd at Desert West Park, just across the parking lot from Arizona's first public concrete skatepark. 

Phoenix has four skateparks already, none of which allow bicycles.  Back in August of 2010, the Rob Dyrdek/DC Shoes Skate Plaza Foundation announced  they would be making a donation of $50,000 and in-kind ramps to Phoenix for the construction of a fifth skatepark.  A stipulation in the foundation's contract with the city stated that bicycles were not to be allowed in the new skatepark under any circumstances, or Phoenix would not get their money.   

Although the 3BC made efforts to get bikes allowed in Phoenix skateparks starting in early 2004,  the city council completely blew us off.  Advocacy for equitable treatment for Phoenix bmx riders tapered off due to lack of rider support.

Starting in September of 2010, however, an effort was re-kindled to pressure Phoenix to allow bikes in the planned Dyrdek skatepark.  This culminated in The Great DC Shoe Burn, in which 65-75 bmx riders gathered at the site of the planned skatepark to burn shoes, banners and clothing made by DC Shoes.   The burn was held in protest of DC's support of the Rob Dyrdek/DC Shoes Skate Plaza Foundation's unconscionable stance against kids who ride bikes in skateparks built partially with funds donated by the foundation, but mostly funded by taxpayer dollars.

Click above for DC Shoe Burn story

 In addition to holding The Great DC Shoe Burn, The 3BC also attended a Phoenix Parks and Recreation Board meeting, a Phoenix City Council meeting, and met with Phoenix City Councilman Nowakowski. 

 Special thanks go to Josh Small, who stepped up as a Phoenix bmx-riding resident and helped lead the effort.  Special thanks also go to Heidi Lemmon for coming all the way from California to help with The Great DC Shoe Burn, securing a large donation of replacement shoes from Adio, and for attending a Phoenix City Council meeting.  Special thanks also go to Adio and Kore Bicycles, the sponsors of The Great DC Shoe Burn.  They supported the cause of the Phoenix bmx riders when many bmx companies, even "hardcore" ones, wouldn't.  Thanks also go out to all the bmx riders, parents and supporters who attended The Great DC Shoe Burn.  Without their efforts, Phoenix wouldn't be getting a new bikepark.


              Sexxxy Santy Josh                                                                                                  Heidi Lemmon   


What up, kids?!

                      KORE BICYCLES


The 3BC recently met with Phoenix Parks and Recreation officials at Desert West Park.  We recommended that the city use Wally Hollyday's skatepark design and build company to both design and build the new bikepark, due to their experience in designing and building amazing concrete skateparks with no bias against bike riders, unlike most of the skatepark designers and builders in the U.S.

 The skatepark is generally planned to contain mostly street elements, but community input meetings will be held in which Phoenix bmx riders can give their input on what they'd like to see in the new bikepark. 


Jason Ryan likes

The Bike, Blade and Board Coalition

The Bike, Blade and Board Coalition

Dates for the community input meetings and updates on the progress of Phoenix's first bikepark will be posted on here and on The 3BC's Facebook page.

Of course.


April 24th, 2011

Date, Location and Time for "Solo" Screening at Newport Beach Film Festival

 Sweet Jesus, has it really been almost two months since I updated the site?  Looks like.  The thing about Phoenix is the film business here gets really busy in April, because everyone wants to get their stuff shot before the heat hits, including mwah.  So here's me squeezing in a quick update about "Solo" screening at the Newport Beach Film Festival before I shut down production at 8pm to get some sleepy weepy, only to get up at 1 am to go shoot Western X. 

So about "Solo":  It will be screened at the Newport Beach Film Festival in 'Action Sports Shorts 1' starting at 3:30 PM on Thursday, May 5th, 2011 at Triangle Square Cinemas, located at 1870 Harbor Boulevard, Costa Mesa, CA.  If you're anywhere in the area, stop by and sit a spell.  Seeing this sumbitch on the big screen is soooo much better than seeing it on your little computer.

Below are some grabs of "Solo" from the NBFF program, a full page and a closeup view.


March 1st, 2011

A Phoenix Citizen's Boycott Letter to the Rob Dyrdek Foundation

                                                                                                                                                                                                                photo by Jason Ryan

I recently was cc'd on an e-mail from a Phoenix citizen regarding the building of Phoenix's 5th skatepark. Back in August, 2010, the Rob Dyrdek Skate Plaza Foundation donated $50,000 plus about $10,000 worth of ramps towards a skate plaza-style skatepark that will be built in downtown Phoenix. As a condition for Phoenix to get the money, the contract the foundation made with the city states that bikes must be banned from riding the skatepark.

Here's the e-mail, which Dave also sent directly to the Rob Dyrdek Skate Plaza Foundation:


I just read an article about the Rob Dyrdek Skate Plaza Foundation's donation of $50,000 to Phoenix for a skate plaza. I think this is wonderful. What I don't think is wonderful is Mr. Dyrdek or those in his foundation insisting Phoenix not allow bikes in order to get the money.

I think it is shameful that someone involved in a sport that has suffered great discrimination is now doing the same thing to another sport. I rode bmx in the 80's and skaters and bikers both rode the same backyard halfpipes, same skateparks (Thrasherland and Tower Skatepark), same
stairs, etc.... Now Mr. Dyrdek claims the obstacles are too different.

Apples to oranges?

Shame on you!

Anyone who really has first hand knowledge of riding or skateboarding knows that they can coexist without problems. Middle aged politicians are easily convinced to the contrary. Skateparks have had co-mingled use of bmx riders and skateboarders since the mid-1970's.

Once again, a $50,000 contribution to the community is a wonderful thing. With all the good this money does for the community, it is too bad that this money was also used as political leverage to push a person or group's personal views. I am not naive. I fully understand that this was business and politics at work. I am saddened that the sports I loved as a kid and kept me out of trouble, are now fully engaging in these practices.

Hmmmm. I wonder how this discrimination benefits Mr. Dyrdek?

In closing, I want it to be perfectly clear that neither of my sons will wear or use any of Mr. Dyrdek's products or those of his sponsors due to his discriminatory practices against kids who ride bmx bikes.

Dave Schmitt


I urge riders, parents and supporters everywhere to write a similar e-mail to the foundation. You don't have to be from Phoenix.  Believe me, this bullshit will happen in your city next.  Please send your e-mail to the Executive Director of the Rob Dyrdek Skate Plaza Foundation, Paul Vizcaino. His e-mail is

Also send it to the foundation's general e-mail address:

This foundation needs to know that bike riders aren't going to take their bigotry lying down. The more we boycott them and their sponsors, the more seriously they'll reconsider their discriminatory actions.

Also, send your letter to the Arizona Republic's downtown Phoenix reporter Connie Sexton at  She's been reporting on our fight for bicycle access to the new skatepark, and is working on a big article about it.

We just had a meeting with Phoenix City Councilman Nowakowski. Send your letter to him as well at

Dont even underestimate the power of your one e-mail. I guarantee Dave's e-mail got the foundation thinking. Imagine if they got 1000 of these.  Thanks for the support!


"Solo" an Official Selection of the Newport Beach Film Festival

I just found out today that "Solo" is an official selection of the Newport Beach Film Festival!  Totally pooping pants right now! 

Here's some history on the festival, from their website:

Set in beautiful Newport Beach, a few blocks away from spectacular coastline and less than an hour from Hollywood, the Festival annually host several premieres and galas for a singular festival experience. Films will be shown throughout the city that boasts one of the largest movie consumer groups in the world, a rich filmmaking history as well as fine dining, shopping, and exceptional recreational activities.

In addition, the Newport Beach Film Festival offers filmgoers a rare opportunity to meet the filmmakers. Directors, screenwriters and cinematographers eager to share their work will provide an exclusive inside look at the industry during post-screening Q&As.

 Reportedly 51,000 people attended the festival last year, so lotsa fools gonna see mah shit!


February 10th, 2011

"Solo" takes it in the Shorts!


YEEE HAAWW! My film "Solo" won the best short film award at the 2011 X-Dance Film Festival!  It was up against 4 other creative and well-made short films including a skateboarding film, two surf films and a mountain bike film. This is a huge honor, because there was SERIOUS competition and SERIOUS judges.

It's been 3 years since a BMX film has been accepted into the X-Dance Film Festival, and even longer since a BMX film has won an award at X-Dance.  This is a great honor, especially considering that all the judges were highly-respected action sports and mainstream filmmakers. 
Warren Miller was a judge, as well as a couple Oscar-nominated cinematographers. That's right...more than one Oscar-nominated cinematographer! Warren Miller is a legendary ski and snowboard film director.  His films have had huge theatrical releases, and I catch his films being re-played on TV all the time. 



X-Dance winners write-up on Grind TV

Follow the below link to see this write-up by GrindTV about all the winning films at this year's X-Dance.  Page down about 1/4 page to see where they write about "Solo".


January 16th, 2011


I recently found out that my newest short film "Solo" was accepted into the 2011 X-Dance Film Festival! 

Super psyched!!  

"Solo" is one of only four short films chosen to be in X-Dance this year, and the ONLY BMX FILM in the whole festival!

 Whooo yeaaahh!

So to all you Utah BMX riders, come out and see "Solo" on the big screen and support BMX's place in the action sports community!  "Solo" will be shown on Monday, January 24th at 9:15 pm at The Depot, located at 400 West South Temple in Salt Lake City, Utah.  Get advance tickets HERE

A little history:  X-Dance started in 2001 as an alternative satellite festival to the Sundance Film Festival, taking place at the same time and the same town (Park City, Utah) as Sundance.  Instead of focusing on independent film (or in recent years, mostly studio-financed "indy" film), X-Dance focuses on the best in action sports filmmaking.  I have entered a couple of my films in X-Dance in prior years, so it's sweet to have finally gotten in.

The X-Dance film festival has released its 2011 X-Dance Film Festival trailer, and "Solo" has a clip in it. It's a great honor to have a clip amongst such sick footage.  Click on the X-Dance logo below and check that trailer on the left side of the home page, son! 



January 5th, 2011

Release the Hounds!

I doggone gone and done it!  I'm getting "Solo" out on the film festival circuit.  The acquisitions guy from FUEL TV called it "phenomenal", but their smallest slot was 22 minutes so they couldn't air it.

"Solo" is an original mixture of narrative, experimental, action sports video and music video.

Here's the official description:

Toiling on a cracked and arid landscape, a man grooms earthen monuments
into a functional outlet for his soulful vigor and creativity. Steven
Mueller stars in this beautifully shot, environmental high speed BMX short
film about a man that seeks and finds immense satisfaction in solitude.

Directed, shot and edited by Jason Ryan

Score by Threefold Fate


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