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By Jason Ryan


November 5th, 2009

Ham Jam 5

Mike Hines has had this flyer all over clickedbmx for weeks now, and I thought I had posted it on here, too.  Maybe I got confused, since I wrote up my memories of Ham Jams past for his site a few weeks ago.  Anyways, if you can make it down to T-town, this will be fun.  I won't be there, as I've got a gig I'm shooting that day, but how bout a bunch of you go down and rep Phoenix for me, aiight?  Also, here's the link to read my Ham Jamories:



October 2nd, 2009

RAD and Quiksilver on the big screen


Psyched on this....  Can't beat $5 for a double feature of the two favorite movies of most freestylers in the 80's!  With any luck there will be a bunch of drunk hippie bike chicks there, too.  I called Jose Yanez as soon as I found out about this.  Turns out the organizer got ahold of Jose before he got a chance to get ahold of them.  Jose will be doing a Q and A session after the movies that night.  Not only was Jose the only guy who did all the oh my heart a backflips in RAD, he hung out with Pat Romano, Martin Aparijo and Woody Itson, so he can give some insight into Quicksilver as well.  (Pat, Martin and Woody did most of the tricks on fixies in Quicksilver)  Jose also told me to warn you that he might have t-shirts for sale that night.  Look out!

Be sure to get your tickets online within the next few days, at  It will fill up quick.
The theatre only holds 160 people from what I'm hearing, and when they're full, ain't nobody else getting in due to the fire code.

Glendale X-Court Contest Results

Finally got the results for yous guys.  I remember I always wanted to know how I was judged in any comp I entered if I didn't place, so it was important for me to get these up.  Plus I promised on the mike I'd get the placings on here about 20 times, so word is bond, fool!

The contest was a great time, so if you missed it, you really missed it.  The flat riders were especially psyched to finally have a contest in Arizona after 11 years.  Actually, Dave McDaniel reminded me that the Havasu B3 contest was held in 2001 or so, but that was pro only, and I think riders may have even had to qualify to compete in that comp.  We had a few flat riders come up from Tucson, and even one from El Paso! 

About 400 spectators came out to watch the contest, which is an exceptional turnout.  54 riders entered the contest, which was a good amount of entries for the city's first BMX contest.  Glendale Parks and Rec staff were very happy with how everything went, so they'll be doing another contest next year, and possibly even more often than once a year.  There's even talk of having a foam pit at the next contest!  What you kids know about foam pits?

If anyone has any photos from the contest they'd like to display, send them to me and I'll get them on here.  I would have taken photos if I could, but I had a lot of announcing to do.  Thanks to Glendale Parks and Rec and especially Michelle Yates for putting on such an excellent comp, and thanks to the competitors for entertaining the folks and killing it!


September 10th, 2009

Jose's First Lake Jumping of 2009

After only jumping his bike into a diminutive backyard pool all summer, Jose Yanez at last went lake jumping this past Labor Day weekend.  He was so inspired he wrote a story about it, which you can read below.  He even wrangled some pics and video.  While I am very pleased and thankful to have a guest writer contribute to my site, I must issue this disclaimer:

The spelling and grammar expressed within the following story does not necessarily reflect the spelling and grammar of Jason Ryan and  Jason Ryan and take no responsibility for any mental strain, emotional instability, or bowel incontinence induced by the spelling and grammar of our guest writers.  Thank you.


Jose Yanez here with a lil story to tell!

I finally got to go lake jumpin for the first time this year. But I wasn't the only one.

 Last Sunday I decided to work cuz I thought it was gonna rain, but it turned out to be a beautiful day! I reluctantly got all set up and started working, then I got the call. Turned out to be Dre telling me that he and his crew were enroute to the lake and for me to get my ass out there! And that they had a boat. I can't believe that I had to think about it but I did, BUT only for bout 5 seconds then I quickly came to my senses.

 I asked him if he'd gone yet this year and he said no so I told him I'd see him there. Then I called what compadres I had numbers of, cuz I wet my last phone and of course lost all my contact numbers. Which, while I'm on the subject, if you know me, or I guess even if you don't, and want to be on my contact list for when I'll be doing anything BMX, or whatever ( ) , email me your email and cell number at and I'll email you or text you next time something comes up. Of which, incidentally, we are going again next Saturday, and this time I will bring my ramp too which is 4 ft. tall with a 12 ft. tranny. Niiice! ( See pic ) Plan on camping out, that's the best way to do it, jump all day, party all night, crash at the lake instead of on the road, ( or get busted) then jump again on Sunday then roll out and get ready for work where you can get some rest!

  So me and my bud, Tonio, get there and it looked like they hadn't been set up for long. The ramp was Clint's, and if you know it, it's a bit of a steep ramp, 8 ft. tranny and 4 ft. tallish. Myself and others have described it like hitting a wall! But, just like anything, you gotta adjust and it works just fine.

  So I see Steve bust this sweet ass flip, and I'm like thinking to myself, " oh yeah? Watch this! " After all, I am Jose Yanez, right? Well I take off balls to the Wall and 2 0r 3 pedals into it my front tire slides out on that marblyass gravel, and boom, all I busted was my ass! And my knee and my elbow and my hands. ( See pic ) Especially my left hand. It had skin hanging off my palm. Bout 2 inches of that shit. I thought, well since I'm in pain already I may as well rip it off, so I did.

  Well I picked up the bike, and after licking the embarrassment off of me, I hauled ass balls out again, ready to redeem myself, and boom, down I go again!

  I decided that the runway just HAD to be swept off, so I did, and finally I got to pop a flip without busting my ass! But I did overrotate, duh, and the bike slipt off my hands, and I did a backflop instead of a backflip, but I DID redeem myself later on.

  Anyways, Steve was poppin off these beautiful flips and makin his buddy, Tenacious , jealous and determined to get em down. He was even wearing a helmet and life jacket for protection against flops, wise decision. After many failed attempts he finally hung on to the bike, that was really his only problem, and started busting some pretty flips! He was stoked!

  Somewhere bout that time I met Kenny and his crew, Natalie, John, Steph, Nate, Ryan and Aja. Wasup? Or should I say, " Ello Mates! " Anyways he'd driven his truck to the bathrooms, which were like 50 yards away, der!, and on the way back he decided to drive thru this mud bog, and guess what happened? ( See pic ) Well the guys and I tried and tried to get him out, and he was SO close at times, when finally I said to him that we had a tow strap and he said, " Why? This is too much fun! "




With that, he put it in reverse and with about 4 of the guys on his bumper, drove it right the f out!

  I went up to him, and in my best Dr. Phil voice said, " Boy, what were you thinking? " He said, " I was bored! " So I told him if he was so bored to come over here, get his ass on a bike and JUMP! He took me on and after checking it out for a bit, or 2, or 3, he put his balls on and jumped! After a few trials, he was back after not riding for 4 or 5 years. I told him, " Hey, it's like making love. Once you learn, you NEVER forget! " So at least he didn't bitch out. Not that I got anything against bitches, some of my best friends are bitches, boys AND girls!

  At one point too, this other crew of teenagers came up to us and said that they had brought a ramp too, but had buckled on them and if they could jump with us. Course I said of course and next thing you know they got them a race to see who can learn a flip first cuz they saw us busting them like they're easy, which they are. Really. Try front flips. Now those are hard. Of which I did, thank you. Two very nice ones that I coulda landed. Maybe. But enuff of me.

  Finally Dre, Chase and Chase's crew FINALLY came back on the boat and started bustin.

  Dre busted some nice 360 bars and 360 tails. He's gots tails DOWN!

  Chase and I got into this lil comp. I met Chase bout 3 years ago at the lake and helped him learn flips. Well, he busted a no hander and I had to try a better one. Then he did a front flip and I did too. Then he busted a DOUBLE! The bitch! [Right click HERE and choose Save Target As (Internet Explorer) or Save Link As (Mozilla Firefox) to see video]  I said, aw, I did that back in '86 ( google me ), then sat back and thought about what could I do to top that. Well all I could think of was a 1030 superman twister launch off my bike. Of course Billy Burgout had already shown ALL of us up by bustin his backflip no handed 360 earlier. The bitch.

  A couple of girls also tried to jump. I showed this 16 year old girl and her 11 year old brother, who'd been hanging out getting their nerve up to jump, how to jump off the side of the ramp, not all the way to the top, and they did it! But she face planted hard into the water but that didn't stop her from keeping on trying! She musta jumped bout 4 jor 5 times more.

  That wasn't as bad as this other girl from Dre's crew that tried but ate it on the runway into a faceplant that cut her chin up! That's gonna leave a scar! But hey, that's what memories are made of.

  So if you wanna make some memories, show your ass up this Saturday [September 12th] and give it your best shot!  Remember, it's best to camp out or have a designated driver. I'll bring my guitar and we can karoake some songs you should know by heart. Like Margaritaville, Sweet Child o mine and such! Late!

August 30th, 2009

Glendale X-Court Contest
Here's the official flyer:


Notice the flatland contest and the sponsored class, which is basically a pro class.  Glendale's trying to make this one big, so spread the word.  Let's get heads in from all over AZ and even from out of state!  I know some flatlanders from Texas are already planning to come out.  If you have any ideas on how to make this contest as good as it can possibly be, e-mail me through the site.  I'm working closely with Glendale Parks and Rec to help them make their first BMX contest successful (the few little contests previously held at the X-Court were put on by APA or other organizations).  I'll post the contest sponsors within the next couple of weeks.

Tucson City Council Meeting

This from Mike Hines of


Print This Flier And Hand It OUT!!!


Currently in Tucson, Arizona there is no safe, legal place for freestyle BMX riders to go. They have been forced to ride in areas where they are arrested, harassed, hit by cars, and sometimes killed. We are asking the city council to grant us shared access of one of the five skate parks in town. Two days a week at the Santa Rita Skate Park would be acceptable until we have our own designated freestyle bike park. If you support a growing, healthy activity for our youth please come to the next city council meeting:

Tucson City Council Meeting

Wednesday, September 9th @ 5:30pm In the City Council Chambers

For more information please visit these websites:

El Mirage Skatepark Article

El Mirage opened its skatepark early in August, and the Arizona Republic did an article about it.  I called the reporter beforehand and was able to get them to talk about how bikes were banned from the skatepark in the article, but that's about as far as my efforts went.  They didn't use any of my quotes.  At least we've got a discussion going, right?  As with most newspapers online, you can comment on the article, after registering.  It's a pain in the ass to register, but do it because this article is one of the first items that comes up when you google "El Mirage Skatepark".  Anyone looking for info on the park will see your comment when you post it.  Be respectful, make your point clear, and don't cover what's already been covered.  There are plenty of arguments we can use to get bikes in the skatepark, and with my comment on the article I only scratched the surface.  The more we can embarrass El Mirage officials into doing what is right for the children in their community, the better.  Here's the link:

X-Games 15 article

I just wrote an article for the "articles" section of the site with my thoughts on X-Games 15 entitled:

X-Games XV:  The Good, the Bad, and the Gnarly
Thoughts on the world’s biggest action sports event by Jason Ryan

Get your peepers on it here

Ryan Fudger's Oozing Twat

Ryan Fudger just had a "Top Fives" on  He ranked the internet thrashing I've given him over the last couple of years as number two in "Top 5 Online Arguments You've Partaken In".  Only Number Two?!  Well, although I've decimated Ryan in every debate we've had on multiple websites (it's not hard, he is a mongoloid), I never sent out a mass e-mail to everyone in the BMX industry berating Ryan for being such a colossal, contentious, corrupt cunt like Ron Wilkerson did.  Big ups for telling everyone the truth and not putting up with Ryan's pretension, prejudice, hatred, and arrogance, Ron!  Here's the link to the "Top Fives":

You can check out my comment on Ryan's top fives below the article.

And now for the really important stuff

I stumbled upon this little bike color program somewhere and had a lot of fun deciding what I want my bike to look like eventually.  Go to and give the bike a green frame, forks, and handlebars, with some green components and black and gold accents.  Then picture the bike with a seatpost of a decent height, two brakes and four pegs, and you're seeing the future of Old School's ride.


July 10th, 2009

Sunday went a protestin'

I counted over a hundred riders and supporters at one point during the protest at Tucson's Santa Rita Skatepark on June 28th.  With people coming and going throughout the day, that means well over a hundred riders and supporters came out protesting bikes not being allowed in Tucson's Santa Rita Skatepark.  That makes the most people ever to come out and protest the bike ban in a skatepark in Arizona!  Possibly the world!  We can't lose with numbers like this! 
Here's the story by Mike Hines of




Protest, protest, protest, where to begin? The idea of BMX bikes protesting to gain access into skateparks is by far not my idea. I'd like to believe that it started in Arizona, though. And, to set the record straight my intentions were never to protest at all. In fact, I tried as hard as I could to convince Parks and Rec. as well as Risk Management to allow BMX in the park before it even opened. We had the Tucson Weekly article prior to the park opening in hopes that bad press would change their minds, as well. I did extensive research on the subject and have received emails from community leaders, and Parks and Rec. directors all over the country. But most importantly in our own backyard. I think the best letter I got was from Tom Ellis of Marana parks, where he stated that bikes were going in the park anyways so why not just designate a couple days. It turns out now that bikes and boards coexist in the park at all times, and that park is only 10,000 sq. ft., and this is the angle I'm trying to run. How is it a "skate" park that was never designed for BMX use, according to the builder, in our own county now allows BMX access? While a park not 20 miles away is so set in not allowing any use at all? You know why? Money. Yesterday I was in contact with Parks and Rec. and the Risk manager via email about what happened on Sunday. This is the email I received from Mr. Peterson.


Mike, caught the broadcast last night. Maybe you should organize and raise the funds to get a bike facility installed. That is exactly what the skateboard folks did several years ago. Go for it!

Joel Peterson Risk Manager Finance Department City of Tucson (520) 791-4728

What a fucking joke. You know why? Because here is the break down of where all the money came from to build Santa Rita Skatepark:

budget to construct project: $795,310.00

The break down is:
$150,000 from/for, Pima County Neighborhood Reinvestment Program, (1997 Bond--CIP)
$151,825 from/for, Back to Basics- Community Development Block Grant Funds
$341,660 from/for Community Development Block Grant Fund (CDBG)
$111,825 from Ward 5, where the park is located and pitching in, in 2008 to advance the 1997 project idea, Ward 3 $20,000 and $20,000 from the Mayor's Office....and landscaping around the skate park was suppose to be included in the package price

It's weird because, I don't see any money raised by skaters, do you? Actually, it's everyone's money; skater, biker, scooter'er, fruit booter'er, old man, fat man, little wrinkled lady, working man... Pima county tax payer, that is your skatepark. So, I responded with the break down of funds to Mr. Peterson and this email, too:

Please be realistic here. WE ARE raising funds for the Kory Laos memorial park, but the goal is 1.5 million dollars. Then of course the logistics, construction, and whatever else takes forever to get the park built. We need a place now! And the way the economy is I don't think people are willing to donate 1.5 million dollars, or use public funding for this project.
We were on the committee 10 years ago with the skateboarders to get this park. At some point BMX was forgot about. I was involved with the committee for the BMX dirt facility at Lincoln park that got shut down during production, because of liability. Every park in surrounding communities allows BMX access to their skateparks, whether it was intended from the beginning, or not. Why can't Tucson? Why do places like Sierra Vista, Arivaca, Nogales, Douglas, Mesa, Prescott, Prescott valley, Flagstaff, all have places for BMX to go, but not Tucson? A 15 year old boy has died while riding his BMX bike on the street. Can you honestly say that having BMX in the skatepark is a bigger risk than having them on the streets, or public property? What does it matter if the park has more use, or needs to be maintained more? Is that not what it was intended for? Did you know the entire time we did our protest on Sunday that there was a total of 2 skateboards using the facility? 2 skaters. When there were tons of young bike riders drooling over the chance to use the park. Please take a step back and think about what we are talking about. Kids in a safe environment vs. kids illegally riding on public or private buildings.

All we need is 2 days a week.

The fact of the matter is, we've been riding in Tucson just as long as any of the skaters. There are more skaters in town granted, but there are more baseball players than soccer players. Do you see the city not building soccer fields? The only reason why we are not allowed in the park today is because SDG and California Skateparks told the city of Tucson that the park is not intended for BMX use. And, if the city allows BMX use in the park they will void their warranty and put all the liability on the city. Again, lets be realistic here. ALL THE LIABILITY IS ON THE CITY NO MATTER WHAT. Also, it doesn't matter who is in that park, if someone gets hurt and decides to sue, do you think they will go after SDG? Hell no, they will go after the city. In turn, SDG and Cali skateparks are not liable as the builder, the city is. That is why you see all the parks around us changing to multi-use, because they are sick of trying to police kids from riding their bikes. What is a bigger liability? Kids riding bikes in a controlled safe environment, or kids riding on the streets and public/private property? Get your head out of your ass Tucson.

Anyway, anyway... July 7th is a city council meeting. I'm going, and I will speak. But, I need an entourage and I need some support from the BMX community. We have to strike while the fire is hot, and the next meeting after July 7th is not until August. Will you join me? I'll make another post with times and directions.

Now to the real story.

Sunday was so rad. When we came driving up to the Brooklyn Pizza parking lot we didn't see anyone. Until we got close and looked down the street, there were at least 30-40 peeps on bikes. I was stoked! You know who you are. We did a quick product and sticker handout, followed by a Michael Jackson joke or two. Then we were off! I didn't get shit for pictures of the parade because I was driving and too excited.

We arrived at the park just before 11am, and I know the two people that were using the facility probably shit their pants when they saw us coming. The law was on hand, but they were chill, didn't even fret.

We got the grind box out, the kicker, and the bunny hop rig all set up on the B-ball court. Then we had ourselves a damn good time.




It seemed that Chango was going to win everything that day, the dude is nut-so.


We had a bunny hop comp that split the winners.

Long jump comp that Chango killed himself on.


For most of the day there were absolutely no skaters in the park. The skater above is Joe Coleman (A BMX'er) he brought his board to feel out the tranny, and get a little backside 5-0. We got no problems with the skaters, only the skaters that call the cops.

Best trick was won by Andrew, he did some serious moves.

A raffle for a FIT Dak frame went down, which raised 255.00 dollars for the Kory Laos foundation. So pumped on that.


Billy won the frame.

I want to send some serious THANK YOU'S out to:

FIT/S&M bikes Mr. Moeller you came through so sick, thank you.

Empire shop out of Austin, you guys are always so generous.

Sputnic, Shadow Conspiracy, and Subrosa. Ronnie B. is the man, thank you so much.

Animal Animal Animal. Best stickers, hats, and shirts for realz. Ralph Sinisi hooked it up. Jason Ryan, thank you for your insight, for your filming, and thank you for the vids and shirts. You were a great help to the riders in Tucson.

Poop finger? Or, finger mustache? You decide

To the coolest bike shops in town, with your support and word of mouth, I don't think it would have been possible to get such a large turn out.

Broadway Bikes

Ajo Bikes

Please visit those shops for your BMX needs, they have great staff's and they support BMX 100%

Thank you to Brooklyn Pizza for kicking down the pizza, it was deelish!


Most of all, thanks to all the riders, family, friends, and bums who showed up Sunday, to make it one of the best days I've ever had.

-Mike Hines

Tuesday went a Councillin'

 On Tuesday, July 7th, Tucson BMX riders went to their first city council meeting to demand Tucson provide a place for bike riders.  They also went to a Pima County Board of Supervisors meeting to see the future bikepark get named in memory of fallen rider Kory Laos.  Once again.....Uhmister Mike Hines:

I Pledge of allegiance...


Long day, but a monumental day for BMX in Tucson. I don't think I have ever said the pledge of allegiance twice in one day, but I'm glad I did.

I made it to the Pima County Board of Supervisors meeting today to hear them unanimously vote in favor of naming the future bike park after Kory Laos. The signs will go up soon on the designated land at River and Shannon roads. "The Kory Laos Memorial Bike Park" it has a nice ring to it. The meeting was very uplifting, yet so sad at the same time. Even though I never met Kory, I couldn't help but hold tears back as the family cried for their beloved son, and cried in happiness for passing this giant milestone. I think the BMX community all owes the Laos family a giant thank you for all their hard work.

Later in the afternoon we met at the blocks downtown, and then proceeded into the city council chambers, that just so happens to overlook the courtyard we often get kicked out of. I'd say at least 20 people showed up for the cause, 4 people spoke, myself and Scott Laos being two of them. Damn was I nervous, I wasn't at first and then when I got up there and looked at those "important" figures sitting all high at their table my throat sank a little. I wish I had the guts of Mr. Joe Sweeney, man that guy didn't give a shit, huh? I guess you had to be there. Anyway, 3 minutes was the allowed time and I definitely used all of it, I could easily talk about this subject for 3 hours, but I hope I got some sort of point across. I think Scott Laos did a great job and I was so glad he came and supported us, I wish his story wasn't true though. No one should have to go through what his family has gone through.

Now what?

I kinda had the same feeling, they can't talk directly to you unless it's on the agenda. I will make it my job to get it on the agenda for the August council meeting. If I do, we need everyone and their grandmas to come.

Big shout out to Juan and his buddy (I can't remember his name) for standing up and supporting BMX. I think that was a great help.


Doug Strong's work ethic and logic es El Mirage 


Soon after Mike posted the protest article it on his site I wrote a comment.  I had some choice words for parks and recreation personnel in general, namely about how useless they were.  I was furious that they had lied boldfaced to Mike about where the money came from to build Santa Rita Skatepark.  But later I went back and saw that it was not in fact a parks and rec official that lied to Mike, but a risk manager.  I do a lot better if I wait a few days before I write.   

So let me redirect my anger to Tucson Risk Manager Joel Peterson and to risk managers in general—They don’t want cities to build ANYTHING, especially not for kids, because parents will sue.  Risk managers are lawyers, not public servants.  They care nothing for the public, only to protect the city from lawsuits and to protect their own jobs.  I’m sure they fought against a skatepark for the skateboarders in the first place, and now that bike riders want access they’re fighting against us because all they see is “increased risk”, not an opportunity to encourage a positive youth activity and to save money because they wouldn’t have to build a separate park for bikes.  It was also Tucson risk management that effectively shut down Tucson’s dirt park a few years ago.  Luckily, they can only give an opinion.  The city council has the final say.  Once again I’ll say—and I learned this from Pat Blackburn, the man mostly responsible for getting the Chandler Bike Park—if you want something, go to the guy that has the power to give it to you.  As far as a legal place for BMX riders to ride, that will always be the city council. 

Now as far as parks and rec personnel go, they really are getting better in general to work with.  Jim McCasland of Prescott Parks and Rec really did a great job in completely researching the bikes in skatepark issue before opening the Prescott Skatepark, but he is now retired.  Currently Paul Bernardo and Michelle Yates from Glendale, Mickey Ohland from Chandler, and Tom Ellis from Marana are all great examples of parks and rec officials who have learned what bike riders need, and continue to stay interested and provide for the needs of bike riders, skaters, and inline skaters in their respective cities.  It still, however, boggles my mind when I come across parks and rec officials in Arizona, after all that's gone on here, that harbor draconian attitudes against kids who ride bikes, and embody such a slothful approach to finding a positive solution to the issue like El Mirage Recreation Administrator Doug Strong.  

A few days ago, Michael Doyle e-mailed to tell me a new street plaza style park was finished in El Mirage.  He and some other riders and skaters were checking it out, and some parks and recreation officials were out there.  Michael asked the officials if the park would allow bikes, and they said it would, and he should come out for the grand opening on August 8th.  Mike said he felt they were bullshitting him, though. 

Listen kids, I’ve said this tons of times, and I’ll say it again:  If you ever want to find out if a park will allow bikes or not, call up the head of parks and rec.  It’s easy!  They will tell you!  I called up Doug Strong, Recreation Administrator for the City of El Mirage within minutes of receiving Michael’s e-mail.  Doug said that the park would not be allowing bikes, and the decision was made before he was hired to his position in October ’08.  Okay, but did he know that bike riders in El Mirage wanted to ride the park?  He claimed he didn’t know, because he said no bike riders participated in the city’s process to make the park.  You know the story, we’ve heard the same line of bullshit from so many cities.  The park wasn’t designed for bikes.  Well, how did THAT happen?  I told him about the bias that New Line Skateparks (the designer) and California Skateparks (the builder) have against bikes, like almost every skatepark designer and builder has.  He didn’t care.  I also told him that skatepark designers and builders always try to keep things under wraps so the bike riders don’t hear about them.  You see, bike shops NEVER get notices about new skateparks being built, and upcoming community input meetings.  Skate shops do, most of the time DIRECTLY from the skatepark designer.   Sure it’s announced in the newspapers, but how many 10-14 year old kids read the goddamn newspapers?!  So from the very start, skatepark designers feed all the public input meetings with what are essentially ringers—a bunch of kids that only skateboard.  The parks and rec officials think only skateboarders want a park,  and the designers make sure to design it ONLY for skateboarders, which is a complete sham anyways (just refer to my article, “Expostion of the ‘Bikes Damage Skateparks’ Myth.”

I then queried Doug if he knew about the multitude of skateparks in Arizona that also “weren’t designed for bikes” but now allowed them, and are experiencing no problems.  He said he knew, but he didn’t care.  Mesa, Marana, Prescott Valley, Bullhead City, Arivaca, Douglas, Show Low…none of these skateparks were “designed for bikes”.  And yet they now allow bikes, and are experiencing no problems with bikes whatsoever.  But you won’t see Doug talking to those cities about it, no sir.  He can’t be bothered.  Too much work to pick up a phone or shoot out a quick e-mail. 

Next I asked Doug if he knew that he would have an enforcement problem with bikes on his hands at the new skatepark.  He said he did and that El Mirage P.D. was well prepared for it.  Did you catch that?!  HE SAID HE DID REALIZE THAT KIDS ON BIKES WOULD BE RIDING THE SKATEPARK AND THAT THE POLICE DEPARTMENT WOULD HAVE TO USE CITY RESOURCES TO KEEP CHILDREN ON BICYCLES OUT OF THE SKATEPARK!!!  How nice it must be to have a job that doesn’t subject you to the constraints of logic and reason!  Was this guy born to a Visigoth family in the Year of our Lord 1043?  He didn’t think El Mirage citizens wanted bikes allowed in the skatepark, but he knows they’ll have to keep bikes out!  Simply………..amazing. 

So then I asked Dougy what the mission of El Mirage parks and recreation was, as he understood it.  He had had about enough of me showing him what a shit job he was doing at that point, so he asked me if I was a citizen of El Mirage.  I told him I was not, and he was quick to get bail out of the phone call.  Since I’m not a citizen, he is not required to talk to me.  Who cares, I instantly found the answer to my question on El Mirage’s website.  The mission of El Mirage Community and Recreation Services is “provides opportunities for residents, while collaborating with neighboring agencies, to promote healthy lifestyles, increase educational attainments, strengthen community image, and establish a livable community.”  Doug Strong, with his “no bikes” policy and complete refusal to re-evaluate it is FAILING at not just one, but THREE of the points he is supposed to be accomplishing.  1. BMX park-style bike riding is a healthy lifestyle.  2. A concrete park that allows co-mingled use strengthens community image, by showing that the community is tolerant of all kinds of positive activities, and by promoting a sharing attitude of public spaces among its youth and adults.  3.  A park that allows bikes makes for a more livable community, by providing a higher quality of life for its youth and adult citizens.  More options and opportunities= more livable. 

While Doug Strong is not required to talk to me, he is, however, required to speak with El Mirage citizens, and I would highly encourage all El Mirage bike riders, parents and supporters to call him at (623) 876-2951 and tell him you DEMAND that the new skatepark allow kids on bikes.  DEMAND that Doug ACTUALLY DO HIS GODDAMN JOB!


Keeping in this vein...

A few months back, westsider Ryan French e-mailed me asking if he could use some of my footage for a short documentary he was making for one of his classes.  I had all but forgotten about it until I ran across the finished product on Vimeo.   Well done, Ryan.  The more videos, articles, paintings, photos, and other media we generate about this issue, the more the issue will weigh on people's minds and the sooner we'll be riding every public skatepark in the U.S.  I for one ain't stopping until we can ride every park.  Who's with me?


Glendale X Court Contest in September

Glendale Parks and Recreation will be holding a big BMX contest at Glendale's X Court on Saturday, September 19th, starting at 4 pm.  For the past four years, they have held a big skate comp at the Union Hills skatepark, and now they're doing the same thing for BMX riders.  This will be a much bigger contest than the one APA held at the X Court last year.  It looks like there will be amateur classes split up by age group, a sponsored class (basically pros), a girls class, and a flatland contest.  Glendale Parks and Rec needs many sponsors for prizes, so if you know any companies or bike shops that would sponsor the comp, have them contact Michelle Yates, Glendale Special Events and Special Use Facilities Recreation Coordinator at 623-930-2044, or by e-mail at myates at (substitute the "at" with a "@" sign.  I do this so spam bots don't find e-mail addresses I post here)


Sarah Darling video on

As promised, here's the link to Sarah Darling's "Can't Call Love" music video, which I directed.

Also, Sarah's got a new website up, and my video is on there as well, along with b-roll (a little behind the scenes piece on the shoot) and literally hundreds of production photos from the locations.  Peeps it here:


June 3rd, 2009

Sunday go a protestin'

Mike Hines from has organized a protest at the new bike-unfriendly Santa Rita Skatepark in Tucson for Sunday, June 28th.  Check the flyer below for details.  Yes, that is my severely squished monkey on the flyer as one of the sponsors, and I'll be down there suppohtin' with some product and taking video for the documentary as well.  There will be several news outlets covering the protest, so tell your friends, tell your enemies, I don't give a shit, just get there and get other people down there because the more protestors the better.  A weak showing sends the message to people it's not that big of a deal. 



And really, there's no more fun event in skatepark politics than protests.  Way better than a boring-ass parks and rec board meeting.  Mike's got lots of product to give out, and I think he's arranging for some free food, too.  Make sure to bring signs or at least posterboard and markers to make signs.  We want to make sure that the news, passersby and park users know EXACTLY what we're there for and what we want, and there's no better way to do that than with a well-written sign.

Photo:  Matt Pavelek

Photo:  Matt Pavelek

Kory Laos' friends and family have put up a website to help raise funds for a new public, concrete skatepark in the Tucson area dedicated to Kory's memory.  Kory was hit and killed by a vehicle in May, 2007 while riding his bike with his friends on a Tucson street.  He was almost 15 years old.  Kory's father Scott believes that if there had been a safe place for BMXers to ride, Kory would be alive and riding today.

Check out for upcoming events and news on the fundraising progress.  They have been holding a lot of shows with bands to fundraise lately, which is awesome.  It's a grassroots method, and it brings together the music community and the bmx community, which I always like to see.  I also think it's cool that they're working with bands and small businesses to fundraise, instead of with faceless corporations.  We started to go the fundraising route with the 3BC for a little bit, but it's a very tough and long row to hoe.  In addition, I always had a problem with raising money to give to a city that already has plenty of our tax money that should be spent on places for bikes.  But there's more than one way to skin a cat, so if Kory's relatives and friends like this method better than getting super political like we did, more power to them, and I hope they will be able to get this park built soon. 


Josh Small

I posted Josh Small's section from The Impetus of Cletus on a few days ago, and you can check it out at

This marks the first time I've made available anything from The Impetus of Cletus for free besides the trailer, so get on over there quick in case I decide to take it down.  If you like it, vote funny for it, and if you don't like it, you can join Ryan Fudger at!  YEEEEEEEEEHAAAAAAAW!!!



Prescott Valley Skatepark

I met up with the Flyin' Hawaiin' and Jeremy McKinney at Prescott Valley Skatepark on Memorial Day.  After I got my fill of riding I decided to get some black and white photos during the good afternoon light.


Photo:  Jason Ryan

Josh Valentine looks back over the big humpty-hump


Photo:  Jason Ryan

Travis Leigh whips the humpty-hump like that shit belongs to Quasimodo


Photo:  Jason Ryan

Travis Leigh tables out of the 9' bowl.


Photo:  Jason Ryan

End of sesh storytime


Goodyear Skatepark BMX Access Drive


I'm sure most of you remember that bikes were allowed in the Goodyear Skatepark for the first three months it was open.  After that, Goodyear City Council chose to ban bikes from the skatepark.  The main reason that we weren't able to keep bikes in there was that we couldn't show the city council that Goodyear citizens wanted bikes allowed in the skatepark. 


Well, American Made Ride Shop has proved this wrong.  Bike riders and parents who live in Goodyear frequent the shop all the time, and they all wonder how they can get bikes allowed in the skatepark that was built with their hard-earned tax money.



Gary, the owner of American Made, has a signup sheet in the shop for Goodyear citizens who are willing to go to city council meetings to get Goodyear to allow bikes in the Goodyear Skatepark.  If you live in Goodyear, don't hesitate to get down there and sign up.  If you're under 18, get your parents to sign up, too.  Hell, get any Goodyear citizen to sign up that you can!  Everyone who is signed up will be contacted before the next time the "bikes in the skatepark" issue is presented to the Goodyear City Council, so that Goodyear citizens can prove to the council that the community does in fact want bikes allowed in their 1.5 million dollar skatepark, instead of discriminating against a group of valid users.


Western X

The teaser trailer for a sci-fi western webisode series I've been working on has just been released, and it looks gooder than a mug!  I worked as assistant camera, second camera, and helped with lighting for the first three webisodes, but I'll be directing photography on the next webisode we shoot.  I'll also be directing one of the webisodes down the road.  Check it out at and if you have Facebook, they've got a really good contest wherein the person with the most referrals to the Western X Facebook site wins an Ipod Shuffle.


Encanto's "New" Bowl

I just found out that Desert West Skatepark at 67th Ave. and Encanto got a new bowl.  I knew they had been planning it forever, and it had been hyped up by skaters so much over the years that I had to check it out.  I heard it actually got finished about a year ago.

The bowl wasn't anything too special, especially after riding parks like Goodyear and Chandler.  One of the coolest things I discovered, though, was that the skaters were all super cool with me.  Encanto skaters have been pretty laid back over the years, but not this laid back.  I had kids fully on my nuts even, asking me to do tricks and watching every move I made.  All these bike friendly parks are really having an impact on the attitudes of the skaters, even in the parks that don't allow bikes.  Very cool.














April 11th, 2009

Music Video

                                   Photo by Will Schoenfeld

Jason Ryan and the RED camera


Sorry I haven't updated for so long, but I've got a really, really good excuse this time. 

Over the past couple of months, I finally wrote and directed my first complete music video (not performance only).  After that debacle with the Authority Zero music video last year, I didn’t want to talk about this one until it was in the can.  The video is for up-and-coming country music artist Sarah Darling's new song, "Can't Call Love".  I love the footage, and the record label loves the footage, so I couldn’t be happier.  Seasoned music video director Ryan Smith ( has been mentoring me during pre-production, production, and post-production, teaching me a ton about every aspect of creating music videos.  Working with Sarah was also awesome, as she consistently put on excellent performances, all while being very easygoing and professional.  Take a look at the pics Sarah put from the shoot up on her myspace and facebook pages

I'll let you know where to check out the video when it comes out.  Should be within the next couple of months.

                               Photo by Will Schoenfeld

The lovely and talented Sarah Darling


                               Photo by Will Schoenfeld


Russell's Wheels

Wheelbuilding is a craft.  Someone could work at a bike shop for years, build a cubic shitload of wheels, and still not be good at it. 

Meet my friend and bike mechanic extraordinaire Randy Russell.  He managed the bike shop Bicycles Pacific, which was right next to Sheep Hills in Huntington Beach for years.  The guy has built wheels for Shawn Butler, Cory Nastazio, Barspinner Ryan, Midget Corey, and pretty much all the SHL guys.  He’s built wheels for pro mountain biker Brian Lopes and even Lance Armstrong.  He’s good.  He’s really good.  He built my last few wheels, and I’ll say with no qualms he’s the best wheelbuilder in the state.  I just blew 11 spokes out of my back wheel when I sent it into a planter corner trying a stupid tailwhip footplant, and he straight fixed that shit.  The guy’s amazing.  He’ll build anyone’s wheels, $25 a wheel (add $5 for 48 spokes). 

His number is 714-235-9878.  

If you get his voicemail, as you probably will, it says he’s a glassing guy (carbon fiber and fiberglass fabricator), but leave a message and he’ll get back to you.

 Carolla's Excited!

The Edge 103.9 FM in Phoenix had Adam Carolla’s show syndicated as their morning guy for a little while, but recently the station in LA that syndicated it foolishly decided to change their format from talk radio to Top 40 bullshit music.  Adam decided to start podcasting, and he already has the biggest podcast in the nation, possibly the world.  Dude’s funny as shit and always interesting, with great guests, so check out the free podcast at five days a week.


For every time you’ve gotten screwed by a new piece of electronic gear, take a look at this:

Film Festival

I've been shooting 35mm stills lately, getting to know lenses, stocks and such to help me get better at shooting film for cinema.  It's a helluva lot cheaper than renting a 35mm movie camera and paying for the film stock, developing and telecine, I'll warrant. 

Here are some photos I came up wit:


Little Leaves at Sunrise


Joey Calderon, Euro Table


Joey Calderon, Traditional Table


Wickenburg Outhouse




The same day I was riding Chandler and shot a few photos of Joey, some people randomly landed their hot air balloon in the field across the little road from the bike park.  Niggas was psyched!


Randy Russell, Birdfeeder




I've been wanting to get this chick on film for a while.  I said chick, dammit!  She deep sea dives into our dumpster on a pretty regular basis, and I really dig her steez.  As much as I've shot video of people who didn't want to be on tape, I was surprised at how creepy I felt when she saw me shooting these photos.  She probably thought I was some HOA prick or something.  But I did wave to her, and she smiled, so we cool.  One man's trash is another broomstick wielding, floppy hat wearing chinawoman's treasure, after all...


February 3rd, 2009

Happy New Queer, everybody!  As gangsta monkey was telling you, I wrote a couple big stories for this update.  You know he's G when he can rock a top hat up on the skreets and no one says shit, son!  No one says shit!

Click on deez shits to visit their respective stories:



I scanned this flyer in a few years ago, meaning to get it up on here, but it got lost in the shuffle.  I found it again the other day, and....well, we have GOT to rescue this kid!  Even though he's 18 now...

Still, dudes.... 

Seriously, bros.


The "Fake Band" shirts are on and poppin'!  They come in black with bleached graphics, and gold with black graphics.  Now available at finer bike shops in the Phoenix area that are cool and don't hate BMX kids and love animals.



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